The info-age!

We live in exciting times. There is Information all around us. So much so that we often feel overwhelmed by it and would drown in it. There’s Information that is presented upfront to us. Information that is waiting to be tapped into and hidden beneath a layer of uncertainty waiting to be uncovered. Information that is meant to be circulated and shared. Information that is useful, and Information that is futile.

The medium of information gathering and sharing has change drastically over the past few years. With the introduction of newer devices to consume information, the spectrum gets wider day by day.

Information sharing is happening at a pace that is unprecedented. Before you know it, the information is reached to a an audience that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. With a lot more people consuming information on their personal devices like the cell phones and the other personal gadgets, information is ready to go at all times. Just to give an insight, when the

The seamless blend between the network and the product in hand and the ease of reaching to the social network adds an extra dimension to the whole information dissemination and information consumption life-cycle. Information is also not only being sent out, but also being re-worked upon and shared across networks again and again.

One of the most interesting videos that we came across was this Ignite Talk Flash Mob Gone Wrong by Tom Scott. The event in the video did not happen all in the same sequence, but it give a great illustration of whats possible in the times that we are living it. Go watch it Now!