Google Chrome’s New Logo

Chrome Installer

So it seems to be a season of change in branding and shifting to newer logos. We have been seeing a lot of them and Google joins the bandwagon too, with the change in the Google Chrome logo.

I did not like the logo in the first place, for the sheer reason that it was difficult to replicate and was not flexible to be used across different mediums.

On that front I do like the new logo, that it is easy to replicate and reproduce across different mediums.When you are thinking of a

I like it for its simplicity, but find it lacking in personality. It does not do justice to the brand that we have come to think of Google as.

So I as such, have mixed opinions on the logo. I do appreciate the fact that there is this effort on making all logos of all it’s products using the same set of colors, so that it represents as a part of the whole Google family.

The transformation

Reminds me of this earlier comic strip that was in the social media when the first version of Chrome was launched.

Would be really interesting to know about the design thought process behind the logo. Wonder if its available anywhere as a case study.

The Pure font

So, Nokia has decided to let go of its iconic font the Nokia Sans that adorned its handsets and website and other materials for quite sometime, and replace it with Nokia Pure.

Nokia Pure (image courtesy –

Here the entire suit of fonts to see.

Nokia Pure-all in family (image courtesy –

I love the fact that they are really putting the word usability at the core of things.

The move could also be seen as a step to to align its branding with the decision to move to Windows Phone platform, where they use the Segoe WP font.

Also got to see this video from the Font Designer’s workshop where the font was created! Super video this one!

PureReversal from Build on Vimeo.

An interview with Tim Brown

Here’s an video of IDEO CEO, Tim Brown and his thougts on Design Thinking and in particular on its potential in India.

Interview – Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO – WEF 2011 – Davos, Switzerland from Aabhira Aditya on Vimeo.

There are multiple interesting points that he talks about.

Timeline cue: Design thinking and India (1:00) Design,innovation and entrepreneurship driving India’s inclusive growth (1:58) Transdisciplinary design education (3:43) Design thinking and designers (5:18) The scalability of design thinking (7:13)

Of late there has been an increased focus on the word Design in India. There are lot of discussions on the DesignIndia forums and also a lot of designers making their voices heard. There are a couple new design magazines that have been launched and that just shows that the market is definitely opening up to it more.

Signs of good times ahead. I hope.

Inspire and feel inspired

That is what happens at any event that I attend and give a talk. At the TEDxMANIT Bhopal, I had a good time. I felt inspired by the other speakers and performers and also I hope I was able to inspire a few with my talk.


Just love the amount of positive energy that each of these events bring along with itself.

Seen here along with Nakul Shenoy and Pradeep Ghosh, who were the other speakers at the event.