The new Hero Moto Cop (Hero Honda) logo

A lot has been going on in the corporates, with many tie-ups and mergers. These activities are resulting in a lot of identity being changed and new ones being formed. Change is required for a company to grow. And identities are often a key part of the entire makeover process.

Recently Hero Honda went through one such change, and has now re-branded itself at the Hero Moto Corp. It also introduced its new logo.

Here’s the design brief for the logo design :

“The new logo stands for the new face of India – that youthful energy and ‘can do’ spirit. It is in true sense the “Indian Catapult” which signals that while it is deeply rooted in Indian values, it is also poised to go for global expansion – a Leap of Faith.” 

The new Hero logo

My initial thoughts on this was definitely not positive, as the logo as such was a bit difficult to comprehend. The logo is definitely contemporary, especially with the font it has used. But then that was the case with another recent logo fiasco, the Airtel one.

This new Hero Moto corp logo has two components to it. One is the graphic part and the other is the text / typographic part. The graphic part in this case is a 3D one.

The beauty of this logo is that it is simple. It’s easy to reproduce. But thats about it. I have more things to say that are not in its favour.

The problem with 3D logos that play with the concept of positive and negative space is that often it is un-noticed. And even to experts, it becomes obvious only after spending some time staring at it. So it is not surprising that many failed to notice the H that is . . . → Read More: The new Hero Moto Cop (Hero Honda) logo

Visualize your Business Model

Loved this video and the framework that he speaks about.

Visualise Your Business Model In 15 Minutes Flat – Tom Hulme from HackFwd on Vimeo.

I think this holds true for any business, but I would really like to see it being adopted more by businesses focusing on the Social Sector. It is often in the social sector that we end up narrowing our view so much that we fail to or ignore the other key aspects of a Business plan.


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The Vaseline Ad

Brilliant example of taking a current affairs topic of controversy to create a marketing campaign and using it to an advantage.

Simple, to the point and high on impact!

On Design and Aesthetics

Aesthetics is one of the most subjective words that you would come across when you are in the field of Design. The theory on aesthetics in design has been widely discussed in various circles, from artists to philosophers to other researchers. I firmly believe in minimalism , and the art of saying more with less, and it is evident in my liking of the products from Apple.

Over the years of working in the design industry, I realize that ‘Aesthetics’ is a word I end up using often in my discussions, critique sessions, and meetings. It is important to understand that it is my personal sense of aesthetics that is being said through me. One of the mistakes we designers often make is that we end up expecting the other people’s aesthetics sense to match ours. It would be ideal if it did, but it does not happen that way. what is appealing to one person will in most cases not be the same for the other. What works out is a consensus that allows the aesthetics to be judged objectively. This is harder than it sounds. Often it could lead to endless discussions, ego clashes, internal conflicts etc.

One of the designers I admire is Dieter Rams (the man who defined functional design, and is best known for the design of the Braun products) . His ten point agenda on design basically sums up to form a Design bible of sorts.

In one of his interviews he talks about the issue of aesthetics. Here is the video and should form a basis for a good design discussion!  

. . . → Read More: On Design and Aesthetics