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Co-creating the User Experience

Recently at the WWDC 2011, amongst other things, Apple introduces iCloud, OS Lion and the new iOS5 that wowed audiences. A week before that, Microsoft releases a video of the Windows 8 Operating system that customizes the operating system depending on the platform they are accessing it. In another phenomenon now, an app is being created for cross platform compatibility on Android, Blackberry and iPhone, to join the billions downloaded already, and Angry birds is taken the world by storm, with its awesome experience that it provides. Somewhere else Twitter is being touted as the most happening social network routing Facebook, with Apple integrating it in the schema of things for the days ahead, and Google is still struggling with its take at Social Network.

Just to go by the set of events in the past few weeks, it is beyond doubt that, we User Experience (UX) professionals are living in exciting (and challenging) times. Exciting because the whole domain of User Experience is growing at an unprecedented rate. Over the years it has gained enough traction, that it is now become the core of discussions and across boardrooms. The stakes have increased and that is precisely why the role has become more challenging over time.

On the other hand the rise of social media technology has had a huge impact on the very functioning of the UX field. I do not think there is any other field that has embraced Social Media to such a large extent. That has opened the gates for a huge opportunity for discussions and collaborations. Sub-consciously we UXers are getting inputs from a gamut of sources, and what we are actually doing is co-creating UX.

Just look at the things around you and you would be surprised by the word experiences and the frequency . . . → Read More: Co-creating the User Experience