What keeps you alive?

I am a person driven by passion. I love doing things that inspire me towards being a better human being. I think that is a characteristic that every designer should have. In the classes that I take, I often ask the students to bring some soul into their work, and also drive their work with passion. It is this passion that keeps one alive and moving.

I recently came across this quote, and I loved it. It embodies the exact thought I had about people being driven by passion and doing things that truly inspires them. I created a poster out of it, to continue my love for Graphic Design as well.

What keeps you alive? 

For the love of Graphic Design

Of  late I have been enjoying my time in creating posters. This is a tribute to my love for Graphic Design. Here is a poster in the series of promotional posters that I am doing for the child education project in Bihar. The illustration is done by an intern Jean Haag.

What do you want to know today?