Ignite Bloomington Talk Video

After a long wait finally the video for the talk that I had given at the Ignite Bloomington event is up. The talk was on some simple strageties to keep in mind while Researching for design for social impact. The findings and recommendations are based on the design research that was done for the Pick Me, Click Me, Educate Me! Project.

With this the presentation should be a better understood.

God I speak fast!

Imagine Cup Semi Finalists

Me along with a classmate (Vignesh Ramesh) participated in the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup student design competition in the photography section. We made it to the second round – the semi finals.

The challenge here was to use one of the 8 UN’s Millenium Development Goals to create a story using 12 photographs only.

We focused on the issue of attaining universal primary education and in particular told the photo story of educating the girl child in rural India.

Here is the presentation.

Educate the Girl Child

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<Please do not use the photographs without permission>

Introduction to Light Painting

This is a part of the workshop that I had conducted recently at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy as a part of their college festival Pragyan.

Introduction To Light Painting

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The Fundamentals of Design

Came across this Interesting presentation by Nathan Smith. I think he touches upon some really interesting points on the Fundamentals of Design.

And the pictures used in the slides are amazing too!

Fundamental Design Principles

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